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Your Curiosity Killed The Cat 

You laughed like it was a joke. And I laugh with you because I’ve never given a hint that “bisexual” could be a term to describe me. But while you laugh at the possibility I could also be fond of women, I am left questioning my reality. 

I’ve never had a girlfriend, so I’m just confused

I’m in a relationship with a man, so I must be straight

I begin to wonder if my feelings are even valid… because you decided that being bisexual was just simple confusion, and not who I am. But I could tell you how I studied the flawless features of my best friend. I’d stare at her like she was the best thing on this planet and I loved spending time with her. Or I could remind you of the nervousness I felt as I gazed over my shoulder at my friend. We stood across the room from each other, changing into bathing suits, and I couldn’t help but wish she was as curious as I. As I turned back around, I told myself I didn’t have feelings for girls. It was all in my head and I denied how I felt until I was 22. I was afraid people wouldn’t believe me because I just didn’t fit the stereotype. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is…

I’m bisexual. Get over it.