She remembers every forgotten moment. Every nook and cranny is eaten away by acid and filled with memories she can only comprehend on paper. It’s what she does and who she is.

This girl battles behind her eyelids every day, but loses herself in fantasies during dreams. The warm breeze of a forgotten land electrifies her scarred skin, sending shocks of life into her frozen body. She wins each day with these hope-filled stories. It’s what she does and who she is. Because nights lasted for years, and though she has befriended the monsters, her trust is long gone. Nobody should live through these moments; of that she is sure.

A harmless touch is a struck match to her body. She couldn’t crawl out of her skin faster, if attempted. She sits back against the wall with a paper barely clutched in her delicate hand. Admitting fears to strangers never seemed to make sense – and sitting there years later, only strengthened her belief. She swam to the bottom of any bottle around. Laughter was abundant and happiness – apparent. She won awards for being the best, but once alone, tape was stripped off the bottom of the trophy.


Only she knew.

Only she knew that life could give you everything ever wanted, but at a price. The lamp and genie sat smirking in the corner each time. When she wanted love, it was made to crash with hatred at freeway speeds. But like an addict, she kept returning. Now broken records play whenever peace takes over. All she knows is this repetition.

But forgotten memories are all she remembers…

Every smile that wrinkled your cheeks has been imprinted in her brain. Every successful attempt at being a warm shoulder has reduced the frost covering her heart. All these little moments take her back to the dreams that gave her enough reason to go on one more day. She was a complicated wreck, barely making it to next week. She despises the shadows that dance on the walls. But she is happy in her being, to the point that maybe she no longer has to just make it to next week.