See, it’s a war,
A battlefield of one.
I reach out for a hand,
hundreds touch,
millions fall.
I stand alone.
Fog clouds all that I know
I beg for something,
anything at all.
But I’m not one to swim in self pity.
So who am I now?
My exact opposite,
My only enemy,
my certain destruction.


One thought on “Solitude”

  1. from one to another
    and never in between,
    always on the outside
    but striving for within.
    clouds and fog rise and fall;
    each new day’s curtain call.
    being alone isn’t
    so bad when they’re holding
    you up above the war…
    millions fall for your
    safety and the chance that
    you’ll live again once more.
    it’s all worth it in the
    end, it’s the greatest gift.


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