You left us.

So suddenly, we never understood when it hit us smack in the face. You became so quiet, crawling into a bulletproof shell. It wasn’t us who felt betrayed – only sadness washed over our souls. And you never spoke a word, but we never asked. We begin to wonder what it was we could have done…to stop you. To save you. And now we stand over your memorial, constantly telling you we miss you and love you, but we spoke too late. We wish you a peaceful rest and learn to only see your ageless face for the rest of our lives. We mourn not one day, not one month, but one lifetime.

We wonder: Why’d you leave us? We wanted you here, not out wandering. But you lost sight of that and gave in. Now we are left with nothing because you didn’t quite understand how to cope like the rest of us. It is not a fault bestowed upon only you – anyone could have seen the signs and done something to prevent it. The only problem: we see what we want.

So here I am, telling you why you should have stayed and wishing I told you just in time. We miss you, and don’t quite understand your reasoning. We love you, and would have been there for you if we had bothered to pay attention. Now we stand here day to day, talking to the stone that marks your burial. If you somehow decided you wouldn’t be missed – you were wrong. If somehow you decided this was the best option – I’m telling you there were more.

If you decided to leave us ever again, and let the memories take over your mind, it’s these words I’d be saying…and some I hope to never have slip off my tongue. You’re too good of a friend to be left alone. We are here, and always there to help. If you ever need…we’re not that far away.

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