Save me,
Little orange butterfly,
I swear you’re
Safe and Sound.
I made a promise
I plan to keep.

Its been two months
and I’m clean.
I feel fine
and like I’m free.
But I still gaze at your picture
and weep,
so I must be weak.

Its been four months
still no cuts,
and I smile at you,
my little orange friend.
I’m doing fine
and I think:
I must be cured!
Still, it’s a bittersweet feeling
as I look your way.

Its been six months,
and your picture has faded.
I try to draw you again,
but my hand is shaking.
Its been so long…
I was cured.
Bruises fade
but the cuts leave scars.
I’m disappointed.
Wondering where I went wrong.

Little orange butterfly,
Why’d you leave?
Where’d you go?
I asked you to save me,
But you let go,
or I gave up…

Its been one month
without your constant reminder,
and guess what,
I’m doing fine.

Little orange butterfly,
you saved me.
It’s not you,
but myself.

I made a new promise today…
Said I’d do my best,
nothing more.

Its been three months
and I’m clean.

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